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Welcome to our site where we track down, organise and list the best deals and prices on bike gear that we can find, from some of the top motorbike retailers. You'll find a regular supply of discounts from all the top manufacturers, on last years or last seasons clothing and sometimes, if you're lucky, special offers on this year's new designs.

At the moment, we are checking the top shops for deals on:

  • Helmets - Full face, Open face & Flip Up
  • Biker's Jackets in Leather and Textile
  • Leather & Textile Suits
  • Trousers in Leather and Textile

Here are some of the best discount prices for each category:

Motorbike Helmets

AGV T2 Maori - price: £141.78, (67% Off)
Shark RSR2 Carbon - price: £157.54, (66% Off)
Arai Chaser Seagull - price: £157.54, save 64%
Shoei Hornet DS - price: £165.42, save 56%
Schuberth C3 Flip Up World Black - price: £236.35, saving 53%

Motorbike Jackets

Dainese Aspide D Dry Waterproof Textile Jacket - price: £157.54, reduced by 50%
Alpinestars Cape Town Drystar Jacket - price: £124.99, reduced by 50%
Ixon Addict Street Leather Jacket - price: £204.83, saving 48%
Spidi GP Leather Jacket - price: £173.3, saving 47%
Held Imola Gore Tex Jacket - price: £234.85, (40% Off)

Motorbike Suits

Alpinestars Patriot Lady 2PC - price: £236.35, save 71%
Spidi Trackster Touring 2 Piece Lady Leather Suit - price: £433.38, save 45%
Dainese Aspide 1 Piece Leather Suit - price: £512.19, reduced by 40%
Furygan FRS Prime 1PC Leather Suit - price: £393.26, (37% Off)
Held Race Evo 1 Piece Racing Leathers Black White Blue - price: £831.99, (36% Off)

Motorbike Trousers

Buffalo Rampage Waterproof Motorcycle Trousers - price: £54.99, saving 45%
Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Reg Trousers WP Black Grey - price: £111.99, saving 41%
Armr Moto Kira Ladies Motorcycle Trousers - price: £59.99, (25% Off)

The best time to look for bike clothing and gear deals and discounts

You can find deals and discounts on bike gear throughout the year, but the best time to look depends on what clothing you are interested in. Its a bit obvious but the best tactic is probably to look for spring and summer gear in winter and to look for winter clothing in summer.

That way you'll benefit from the clearance sales of last seasons products.